The Spa at The Dog Social Club Cooperative is open 7 days a week for our canine guests!

Basic bathing services like nail trims, ear cleaning, de-shedding treatments, and baths without scissoring/trimming are available all days of the week.

Haircut and full grooming appointments are available to be booked only on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Basic bathing can be requested along with any daycare or boarding reservation. Haircuts and full grooming can be booked directly with our groomer via email.

We only offer grooming/bathing services to dogs who are part of our daycare program, and appointments are booked alongside a daycare or boarding reservation. We do not book standalone grooming appointments.

Spa Menu

The Basics: a la carte appointments available 7 days/week

Mix & match the below services according to your dog’s grooming needs. Festive spa bow always included!


Nail trim & grind, if appropriate.
$20 standard | +$15 if special handling is required

Ear Cleaning

Flushing and cleaning of the dog’s ears.

Brush Out

A full brushing & detangling of your dog’s coat.
$50 per 30 mins brushing.
This will not remove matting – we’ll remove tangles and knots but we cannot brush out a matted dog.


Wash, condition, and blow dry.
$50-150, pending your dog’s size/coat length

Bath Add-ons:

Undercoat De-shed Treatment

Removes built up and impacted undercoat. Deep conditioning bath, power blow dry, brush out.
$75 (in addition to bath)

De-skunk Treatment

Do not pre-wash, please! Our deskunk products work best if you have not gotten your dog wet.
$75 (in addition to bath)

Full Grooming Services

We make full groom appointments on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All services priced at $90/hour, inclusive of bathing/drying/trimming.

Hair Cuts

A shag, a mullet, or a close cropped teddy bear: we’ll make all of your groom dreams come true! True to breed standard or true to your dog’s spirits, we’ll follow your direction. Nail trim, ear cleaning, ear plucking, clean feet, blueberry facial, and more can be included – please just ask! Your dog’s size, coat type, coat length, and matting status will impact the grooming price.

Trims & Touch Ups

Clean up the fur between the toes, fluff and feather the face/feet/fanny, trim up the sani area, shape the beard or brows. If your dog doesn’t need a full groom, they can still join us in the spa for a little shaping.

Puppy Cut

Socialization to grooming is incredibly important for full-coated dogs. Consider booking in for a quick puppy trim between 3-6 months of age so your pup is used to being pampered!


Refreshing blueberry facial to lift grime, cologne spritz, and more. Please reach out to us with your grooming needs and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Get a price quote & book directly with our groomer via email at

Not on the menu:

  • We do not offer de-matting brushing for dogs with thorough matting. If your dog is matted to the skin, the most humane option is a shave and ongoing maintenance throughout the re-grow.
  • We do not brush teeth.
  • Anal gland expression is not offered by our groomers, but can be arranged with our veterinarian.