Over an acre of land transformed into Oakland’s doggy paradise

Dog Social Club has a dozen outdoor yards for dogs to romp and lounge in, each with specialized features designed with your dog in mind. Our structured daycare routine rotates dogs between play and rest throughout their day, which keeps dogs from becoming overtired while supporting activity and exercise during playtimes.

We group our dogs based on their age, energy, and play style. We limit the number of dogs in each group, and have at least one human supervisor at all times.

Our facility include easy-on-the-paws artificial turf, retractable roofs we can deploy to provide cover from rain or sun, size-appropriate splash pools for big and small dogs, and a multitude of slides, bridges, ramps, tunnels, and decks to provide endless configurations of fun.

Designed with all dogs in mind

We have areas designed for dogs in all stages of life: the puppy area provides a safe place to learn good habits for dogs as young as 8 weeks old, and the “Millers” yard is a laid back indoor/outdoor space to mill around and nap in style for senior dogs and those who need to avoid the stairs.

We want to make each dog’s day the best it can be! Water dogs love our splash pools and sprinklers, sun bathers can catch some rays on our decks, and toy lovers get fetch time.

Overnight accommodations

Dogs spending the night with us enjoy private bedrooms overnight. During the day, our boarding guests enjoy the usual dog daycare program. Private room service is included – everyone dines in their own room. Your dog can enjoy their vacation as much as you are enjoying yours!

We offer complimentary house kibble (Wellness brand, Lamb & Barley) for our boarding guests, or invite you to bring your dog’s typical diet. We have fridge, freezer, and deep freezer space available for dogs on raw, fresh-made, or other specialty diets.

Our overnight rate includes daily daycare playgroups, beds and bedding, medication administration as needed, and morning & evening meal service. Dogs on extended boarding stays receive personal attention to ensure they’re well fed, appropriately exercised, and even have enough alone time to re-charge, if they enjoy some extra snooze time.